History of Luxury Train Journeys in Italy

Orient Express is utilized to get a luxury journey through Europe. The moves from London to Venice through Paris this route is the most famous route for this train. The train actually has several additions to its route choice. Luxury Train Journeys in Italy is possible because of the choice of route from Venice to Rome or otherwise. This is how you feel luxury train experience in short time.

This route isn’t always active. You need to book your place far before it’s happened. The train only makes its journeys several times a year. Thus It may be difficult to get a ticket if don’t plan it ahead. The trip between Venice to Rome is happened under daylight. Passenger will have their lunch on the train. The trip length is overnight.

Orient Express isn’t a new train. The train have several story and quite popular. You can say it is a legendary train since there is a very popular movie made based on this train. The idea of luxury is already exist in this train concept since the day it is founded by Georges Nagelmackers. Before the movie and Agatha Christie novel this train already has vast popularity.

The main idea that makes Luxury Train Journeys in Italy popular is because the idea of traveling and the route it covers. The train moves between Paris and Venice. Lots of people need to travel between these cities. Thus the train has been utilized by lots of people since the first year. Simplon Tunnel makes this train become more desirable since the tunnel existence cuts the trip time significantly.

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History of Luxury Train Journeys in Italy

In 1920 the train becomes the most popular train in Europe. The situation stay as it is until 1930s. WWII is the beginning that changes the train popularity. At war times train doesn’t moves much because it is dangerous. When the war ends the Orient Express doesn’t have enough time to revive itself from war damage. An airplane trip era emerges and changes people needs in traveling.

Airplane existence didn’t kill the train. The demand of its service just reduced significantly. A group of people that enjoy the idea of traveling with train and fear the idea of airplane still utilize the train service. The train is revived by an entrepreneur in 1977, by changing lots of feature in Luxury Train Journeys in Italy interior and makes it more comfortable. This is the beginning of Orient Express as luxury train.