5 Incredible Honeymoon Destinations That Will Wow You

The honeymoon is an important trip for the newlywed couple. It gives couples a chance to get away from the bustle of life and celebrate their union. There are hundreds of amazing honeymoon destinations around the world. From Paris and Venice to Bora Bora, these destinations have become preferred romantic getaways. Other places prove just as romantic, in particular Greece, Nice, Hawaii, and for the adventurous, Las Vegas.

1. Greece


The Greek Isles is composed of a number of islands located on the southern edge of the Aegean Sea. These islands are spread across the Mediterranean Sea in close proximity to one another and is a popular honeymoon destination. Accommodations are situated atop high cliffs and contain views of the Mediterranean.

The island Santorini is known for spectacular sunsets. Santorini has much to offer besides scenery, including gourmet restaurants, nightclubs, and lush hotels. Crete is the largest Greek island. It contains much of the history for which ancient Greece is known, as well as beautiful landscapes, from the blue see to the rolling mountaintops. Make sure you dine at a seafood restaurant in Chania. Rhodes is a cosmopolitan island. The resorts are higher end. The resort towns here do not get too many tourists and so are not over-crowded.

2. Nice


The French Riviera is a picturesque Mediterranean destination. While Cannes is a popular destination on the French Riviera, couples can enjoy an equally luxurious but affordable holiday in Nice. There are many sights which couples will enjoy: First, the Promenade des Anglais (English Walk) is a beautiful promenade where visitors can watch the sea on one side and take in the sights of Nice on the other. The Vieille Ville or Old Town has a range of authentic French restaurants specializing in French coastal cuisine.

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3. Hawaii


The islands of Hawaii have some of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific Ocean. There are a few recommended resorts which. Sheraton Keauhou Bay has a unique manta ray viewing point where guests can snorkel at night to see the rays. Next the Hotel Renew offers chic ambience as a designer boutique. Situated on Waikiki Beach, the hotel offers surf lessons to guests. And a minute’s walk away from Waikiki Beach is the Kahala Resort known for tropical gardens and waterfalls.

4. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Couples that love adventure will enjoy a trip on the Strip. For starters, there are many upmarket hotels which make for a memorable trip. The most lavish hotels are located on the Strip. Couples should also take a gondola ride at the Venetian to experience Venice in Vegas. And a trip to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory makes for a bit of honeymoon fun. But Vegas is not all about gambling. The Grand Canyon is in the same region and adventurous couples can take a road trip to see the view. In fact, it is possible to explore Vegas and still experience the thrill of a casino. Simply log on to Euro Palace mobile casino and enjoy Vegas entertainment on your mobile.

5. Goa, India

Goa, India

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are located in Goa, South India. The region known as Goa was colonized by the Portuguese and you will instantly see and taste the Portuguese heritage cropping out of the Indian culture. The beach resorts in Goa are world class. Anjuna beach was the “freak capital” of the world in the sixties as it was a popular destination for hippies. Honeymooners should visit Baga Beach, a secluded beach which is not crowded by tourists. It creates a picture-perfect beach scene where newlyweds can relax, menghilangkan jerawat. Goa is known for delicious South Indian curry and the fish curry at Baga beach is particularly delectable.

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