Top 3 Picks For Winter Honeymoon Destinations

For many, the ideal honeymoon consists of lounging in a hammock with your new spouse between two picture perfect palm trees, whilst sipping a rum-infused tropical fruit shake. At this time of year especially, many who marry seek out the warmth that the tropical belt offers, as its perfect weather and mind-melting vistas are quite conducive to romance.

Some couples feel differently about the weather up north this time of year however. They see beauty and an invigorating chill where others see blandness and misery. Whether they enjoy playing in the snow, or simply admiring it with a spiked mug of hot chocolate, there is no doubt that some people are drawn to winter, and as such, they do not seek to escape it, even when the time comes for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Out of all the destinations one could visit at the peak of the winter season though, which ones rank among the best in the world? We have selected three of the best destinations for winter honeymooning to make your planning efforts easier, as it can be much harder to choose a great place to make your love nest at this time of year.

Let’s go over each in detail…

1. Iceland


Iceland has a bit of a deceiving name, as it actually experiences a milder winter than other places around the world at the same latitude. However, its position on the Arctic Circle allows it to have near perfect viewing conditions for the Northern Lights during the long nights. These lengthy periods of darkness have necessitated the development of an excellent nightlife scene, making for great evenings out on the town, after a day spent in the lap of luxury at the Blue Lagoon, a geothermic hot spring just outside the capital of Reykjavik.

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2. Whistler, BC, Canada

Whistler, BC, Canada

Does a day spent soaring down breathtaking mountains with your new partner sound like it fits into your dream honeymoon? If so, then Whistler, BC, Canada is a destination you’ll want to consider for your post-nuptial celebrations. In addition to the skiing and boarding that this Canadian resort town is famous for, there is an abundance of amazing dining options in the three villages that compose the Whistler resort area, plus other activities such as dogsledding, snowshoeing and skating to keep the adventurous couple engaged and interested throughout their honeymoon holiday.

3. Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland

Want to get away to a land where the quiet of winter and outstanding hospitality make for a honeymoon that you will treasure forever? Then Finnish Lapland should definitely be on your radar, as this place combines Northern Lights, miles of cross-country skiing trails, saunas, and decadent ice hotels to make for a place that the winter-loving couple should stay at least once in their lives. Those wanting to canoodle while the ghostly green apparitions of space dance above should stay in its famous glass-topped “igloos”, which give a first-class view of this natural show without one having to brave the chill outside.

Final Word

While most seek out the tantalizing tropics this time of year for honeymoons and romantic getaways, you and your contrarian partner have an unrequited love for the charm that winter brings. The listed on-site destinations Wisata di Sukabumi will bring both of you closer to the winter aspects that inspire joy and awe, making your winter honeymoon one of the best.

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