Stag Do Madness: Top Tips on a Successful Trip for the Lads

Okay, so your best mate is getting married and he’s tasked you with taking care of the stag. While you may have a few tricks up your sleeve to make it the best delivery he can possibly have, managing the small details will help ensure that the journey to Lokasi Pantai Derawan will be less stressful.

First things first. Organize the guest list. If you don’t know everyone, ask your partner to sort through a list of people he or she wants to go to and take the opportunity to introduce yourself to them. Add them on Facebook or message them to let them know who you are, and whether they are up for deer crime. Before you tell them any ideas you have, set a maximum budget. Obviously, the stags will want as many people as possible to make them, so try and keep the cost down so the lads don’t struggle to buy them.

Decide on a destination fairly soon after the initial plans. Once you’ve settled on a city, take a look at the group hotel bookings at great value that are available in your chosen destination. If you book in advance and as groups, you can save heaps on the hotel meaning you can free money up for the booze and activities.


The activities largely depend on what the stag is into. Is he a footie fanatic? If he is, incorporating a stadium tour or a football match would be awesome itinerary fillers. Does he enjoy being a bit macho when he can? A day of airsofting, paintballing or clay pigeon shooting could go down well. The key to a successful stag weekend is to try and mix up the daytime and evening activities so that there’s a good balance between sober days and night-time mayhem. There’s no point in a stag weekend if you’re going to spend the daylight hours hungover!

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While the majority of lads aren’t fussed about what they do, having a general plan and some concrete activities will help the weekend go by flawlessly. While hens may fancy a slap up meal, lads would be happy with a steakhouse with a beer in hand, so don’t worry too much about gourmet restaurants.

As the best man, your job is to make the stag weekend as memorable as possible, and honestly? It’s not that hard to do. Keep in mind what the stag loves and go from there. After all, none of his mates know him better than you and as long as he’s happy, everyone else will too.


Whatever you do, make sure that anything that’s book-able is booked and paid for in advance. Organise some sort of instalment system so that the lads don’t let you down before invoices are due. Booking everything ahead of time will mean that as the weekend comes around, the lads don’t have to worry about anything other than spending money because all the activities are covered.

Of course, don’t forget a serving of ill-humour – no stag weekend can go by without a little embarrassment on the stag’s part.

Whether your mate is into motorsports, adrenaline-fuelled activities, football or just being out on the town with his mates, you can guarantee that whatever you organise, he’ll have a blast – and after all, that’s what matters!

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