How To Successfully Survive A Clubbing Holiday To Magalluf

Move over, Ibiza, because a new party capital of Europe is on the rise. Magalluf, Majorca’s wildest town is just a two-hour flight from the UK, putting an unforgettable, sun-drenched clubbing holiday easily within your reach – but to make sure it’s a holiday to remember for all the right reasons, you’ll need to be prepared. Here are our dos and don’ts that will help you survive a fun-filled holiday to Magalluf, even on the minimal amount of sleep!

DO: Get a Good Hotel

Get a Good Hotel

One of the very best things about Majorca is that low-price hotels are in abundance, and whatever your budget, you’ll find some quality accommodation in Magalluf to suit that’s close to the nightlife, as well as the beach, Hotel di Manado. After all, a night of partying deserves to be followed by a comfortable bed, as well as an alluring pool to refresh and revive you before doing it all again! Much like what is on offer at the HM Martinique Apartments.

DON’T: Pack Heels

Pack Heels

This one’s for you, ladies. Leave the heels at home, especially if you plan to do lots of dancing, as the heat can cause your feet to swell which can result in some very sore soles. Be sensible and stylish and switch your heels for ballet flats or some ultra-cool sneakers, which will go with all your outfits and still be comfortable on the seventh day of your holiday.

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DO: Buy Tickets in Advance

Buy Tickets in Advance

This isn’t so much a piece of advice for your health, as it is for your sanity, but buying Magalluf club tickets before you even step onto a plane is always recommended. Live shows at clubs like Mallorca Rocks can sell out well in advance, or at least face you with long queues and expensive door prices, so plan ahead and you’ll save time and money.

DON’T: Skip Meals

Skip Meals

With so many delicious and cheap restaurants to tempt you all around Magalluf, there’s no excuse for missing out on the vital nutrition that you need to keep your energy levels topped up, and of course, soak up the alcohol. You won’t have to venture far to find an affordable all-day breakfast on offer, but don’t forget to try plenty of the local cuisine too, like a big tasty dish of paella that will fill your belly until the next day.

DO: Use Plenty of Sunblock

Use Plenty of Sunblock

In the tinggi of summer, temperatures in Magaluf can soar way past 30°C, so unless you smother on the sun lotion you’re going to put yourself at risk of some nasty burns which won’t look good in your best clubbing gear. Be realistic with your sun protection factor too – we are a nation of pale, sun-deprived Brits after all – and you’ll fly home enviably and gorgeously bronzed, rather than painfully blistered.

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DON’T: Go Without Sleep

Go Without Sleep

Yes we know, the clubs in Magalluf are open until sunrise, and you want to make the most of every minute that you have. However, that won’t happen if you’re sleep-deprived, so try to get at least a few hours of sleep every night (or morning) and grab a nap or two during the day or early evening, too. The clubs don’t get going until after midnight anyway!

DO: Drink Lots of Water

Drink Lots of Water

If there’s one piece of advice that we absolutely implore that you take on holidays to Magalluf, it’s this – drink water, and lots of it. Dancing, sunbathing, drinking alcohol and just generally enjoying yourself in the Magalluf heat will quickly take its toll if you’re dehydrated. Keep a big bottle of water with you at all times and alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water, to stave off sunstroke and minimise your hangovers.