Learn About Train Travel in China

The Inexpensive way to go Around in China; Learn about Train Travel in China

If you’re visiting China for holiday, and considering trains as your main transportation in the country, then you should learn about train travel in China, because every country is different, including the transport system; there maybe things you need to know to keep your holiday smooth and enjoyable.

Some believes that trains are the best transportation. It is comfortable and quick, it doesn’t need to wait for the annoying traffic jam and can move around cities quickly, yet many people also believe that trains is too expensive for the service it gives. It is crowded and not comfortable and often late when reaching the destinations. Well, research is all you need to clarify whether or not train is good. Specific condition or situation are indeed contributes to the value of traveling by train.

The first thing you should learn about train travel in China is that the railways there are divided into classes that show the quality of service and the speed.  From the fastest until the slowest order, there are G, C, G, Z, T, K, L, Y, and S. Y is the one which usually serve tourist group.  But you can always opt for the fastest.

Learn About Train Travel in China

For overnight travel, you may want to use the sleeping accommodation. The sleeping accommodation is also divided by class; Hard and Soft Sleepers. Soft sleeper is the most comfortable. By western standard, it can still be called cheap. It has two bunk beds. The Hard Sleeper is just the same, but it has three beds in each column.

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In China, you can book the ticket in advance for up to 7 days before the trip. This is important as most of the train trips in China are full with passengers. This is why you should learn about train travel in China before deciding to visit there.