Learn about Train Travel in Romania for Adventure

Looking for the best destination in Europe which is different than others? If so, then Romania can be the best choice for you. Maybe Romania is not as popular as France, or maybe it is not as famous as Italy, but Romania has many incredible things you have not seen before. By the way, if you are interested in traveling in Romania, then you have to learn about train travel in Romania.

If you want to travel in Europe, travel seems the best transportation that you have to choose because it is totally affordable. Besides, train is really simple because the rail system is connected each other from country to country and it includes Romania.

When you learn about train travel in Romania, it means that you realize that drive a car is totally boring. Taking a train is totally much better and more fun because it is efficient and you can enjoy the trip all the time. Especially for Romania, Bucharest is the biggest city as well as the capital city.

You can start the travelling from Bucharest to villages and small towns around. By the way, there are two options if you want to go by train in Bucharest. First is Transylvania train and second is modern train. Transylvania train is usually used for a short journey and modern train is used for long journey. EuroCity and InterCity can be the best train you can choose in Romania.

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Learn about Train Travel in Romania for Adventure

Furthermore, you can get the ticket especially for InterCity at Rail Europe. So, you do not have to worry about the ticket because it is available for you as always. When you learn about train travel in Romania, then you should think about the rail pass.

As you already known that rail pass is very popular in Europe because this ticket can be used for many days whether it is a week or a month. Then, the ticket is also available at Rail Europe and you can get it easily without a reservation because you just need to come to departure station.

In short, when you are travelling in Romania, learn about train travel in Romania is really important because car is totally not suitable for a traveler. Taking train in Romania will give you some incredible adventures and seeing some wonderful sceneries you have not seen before. In addition, the ticket is easy to get comparing to another country with tricky system.